We Helped to Brighten Up The World Leaders Summit – with Polystyrene

In 2014 Brisbane was the proud host of the G20 World Leader’s Summit. Polystyrene Products was approached with a unique commission request. A large “Brisbane” sign needed to be constructed to specific measurements and weights. We are no strangers to unique custom commissions, and we relished the opportunity to be of service to our beautiful city on such a momentous international occasion.


A Big Task

The brief was to create a 2400mm high BRISBANE sign using EPS. Once we had crafted the sign it needed to be fitted on the back of a semi-trailer in order to be sent to a variety of different locations. It was then to be wrapped in canvas and have the front and rear faces covered in plywood. The next step was for the Brisbane sign to be painted a deep purple, smothered in funky graphic designs and covered with a clear coat of varnish. Despite all of this treatment, however  – as it was not to be a permanent feature of the city – the sign had to be recyclable and environmentally friendly on all levels of production and decoration. Lucky for us, we are specialist polystyrene suppliers and the sign was completely recyclable with minimal impact on the environment.

The EPS that we constructed the sign from also had to be lightweight enough to be safely and easily erected yet durable and robust enough to last over 4 months. We were able to design and manufacture to high Australian standards a product that easily fit these requirements. It was more than fitting for the job.

Upon completion, the sign was visible and eye-catching for most of the attendees of the G20 World Leaders Summit who were present for their various functions, seminars and talks.  As a result, it had the opportunity to be broadcast around the world while the summit was underway, highlighting Brisbane as the honoured host for this event.

The sign was so successful that the Lord Mayor has requested that a similar permanent feature now be placed as part of the cities’ cultural landscape. This makes us incredibly proud of our work, the recognition it gained, and the efforts of everyone involved in this monumental project!

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