How We Saved Our Client Valuable Time and Money

Part of our service promise is that we can manufacture custom made materials to Australian standards for any application. We can create anything for easy use in small residential constructions, commercial packaging, and heavy-duty industrial polystyrene insulation. Below is an exciting story of how we helped to save a loyal client heaps of money and hassle through delivering a custom made product in the nick of time!


We Helped Our Client Beat the Clock

A few months ago Polystyrene Products was approached by a client who needed us to create a niche product for them – something that could join two large waste water pipes together, sort of like a manhole pit. Our client was working on very short time constraints and a strict budget so the supply of our product in a timely manner ensured the project’s success.

As soon as we received their custom order we got to work immediately. We drafted, designed, constructed and then delivered to our client a pit form that they were able to cast in concrete. They then subsequently removed the expanded polystyrene (EPS). At this point however, the job was only partially completed, and the clock was still ticking.


…And Followed Through With Results

The next step was to seal the entire concrete form with a waterproof membrane. We had exactly 4 days to manufacture the material required. Usually, this type of manufacturing and application would take at least a fortnight. We were able to again manufacture and deliver the custom product and as a result, we managed to save our valued client a lot of time, money and frustration as they finished ahead of schedule. A positive outcome for everyone!

Polystyrene Products take pride in our unique ability to work under pressure to craft such custom orders, deliver them on time and maintain positive relationships with our clients as a result. Put simply – we deliver every time. Check out our gallery and products and see for yourself.