Polystyrene Sheet Insulation


Polystyrene Sheets are multi-purpose – such as in insulation and blockouts – and we manufacture sheeting in various sizes and densities depending on your particular requirements call or email us your request today.

Polystyrene Pipe Insulation

Sectional Pipe Insulation (SPI)

Polystyrene is used for Sectional Pipe Insulation (SPI) due to its light weight, exceptional insulating properties and resistance to the adverse effects of moisture and temperature. We have created pipe sections for use in commercial and industrial locations for chilled and cold water lines. Required R Value & Radial Values can be calculated to meet your requirements for all your SPI needs.

Polystyrene Architectural Mouldings

Architectural Mouldings

Polystyrene Products can manufacture creative Architectural Mouldings to your specifications or from our range of previously manufactured designs.

EPS can be used to form a various array of mouldings, parapet moulds, architrave mouldings, pyramid caps, arches & window banding to name but a few that require greater detail then can easily or economically be produced with other materials.

Some Examples include:

  • Feature columns
  • Decorative Fence Capping
  • Front Portico features
  • Moulding restoration and repair
Polystyrene Concrete Voids

Concrete & Marine Void Blockouts

Polystyrene Products makes blocks for use in the engineering, building and construction industry as void formers in concrete, and bridge void beams for block outs used in bridge construction. We cut them to any size and shape, including complex profiles.

The pieces are delivered to the jobsite pre-cut and ready to use. After the concrete cures, the EPS can then be removed or left in situ if required.

Polystyrene Packaging


Polystyrene Products can manufacture packaging that has great insulation, moisture resistance and impact resistant properties for transporting, cushioning and protecting fragile items, keeping perishable items fresh and reducing movement to greatly assist in eliminating damage.

Polystyrene Insualtion


Polystyrene Products assists hundreds of homes, businesses and industrial locations to become more energy efficient through better insulation.

Polystyrene is a practical and economic method of insulation for ceilings, roofs, under floor and for particularly cold rooms, in external walls (when used in conjunction with a rendered finish).

Prototype Profiles

A prototype is often the first tangible version of a product or idea. At Polystyrene Products we are able to design and supply your prototype using specialist technology to bring your idea to life, no matter how large or small.