How Polystyrene Products Help to Power Brisbane’s Industry

At Polystyrene Products we provide a wide range of polystyrene for use in the industrial sector. Polystyrene is a light yet strong material with endless possibilities of application in heavy industry – from large-scale, long-term construction projects to warehouse insulation, pipe insulation and civic construction projects such as bridges. All of our polystyrene is manufactured to Australian quality standards and we are also completely Australian owned and operated. Please contact us for any enquires about industrial uses for polystyrene or for any custom orders or general queries that you may have.


Polystyrene is a popular choice for ceiling, floor, wall and roof insulation in the industrial construction sector and helps to reduce large building energy costs and environmental impact by being an efficient, cheap and lightweight source of insulation. It is simple to handle, install and is reasonably priced. It can be used for cladding purposes as well when mixed with traditional building materials. In recent times, some buildings have installed entire walls constructed completely from styrofoam sheets.

Pipe Insulation

One of the many uses for our products is for sectional pipe insulation in industrial buildings where a constant supply of cold or chilled water is required. We can tailor make your SPI to your preferred R value and Radial Value requirements, and we can have it ready for delivery to you in just 24 hours.

Civic Buildings

Our products have been used in the building of bridges and other large-scale civic constructions. We have tailor made various types of concrete and marine void blockouts to fulfil custom briefs for clients, and we are able to cut them to any size and shape that you may require. We deliver the ready to use pieces directly to the jobsite, and they can be removed or left in situ as required once the concrete has set. All of our blockouts, and all of our products are subject to rigorous safety testing prior to delivery to ensure that our products are of a high rating in accordance with current Australian standards.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any enquires or quotes.