Our Sample Works


This was used in a drain pipe in the Darra to Goodna Road in Greenbank, QLD updgrade in 2013.
The process of hot wire cutting some forms for use in a Concrete pour.
Various concreting companies use this instead of using steel, as it cheaper and quicker to produce the desired designs.

Block out form for a concrete girder pour as part of a bridge spandrel in Western Queensland damaged after floods.
We were required to make a light faux girder infill that could be transported to western QLD and installed on site then the concrete would be poured into the infill and create the desired shape, the EPS is then removed and the construction can then carry on. As you will see it stands about 1600mm high at its longest end and taper’s down to almost nothing giving the correct angle for the concrete to poured up to with out spillage.

Almost any high rise building where there is a plant room for Air Conditioning lines to be run through out to insulate chilled water. Also used in hospitals and Abattoirs where Ammonia lines are used. Also used in Brewery lines for chilling.

Polystyrene Products makes blocks for use in the engineering, building and construction industry as void formers in concrete, and bridge void beams for block outs used in bridge construction. We cut them to any size and shape, including complex profiles.

The pieces are delivered to the jobsite pre-cut and ready to use. After the concrete cures, the EPS can then be removed or left in situ if required.

Packaging and Insulation

It’s no surprise polystyrene can be used very effectively for most packaging and insulation needs, due to its price, weight and versatility.


Created for Ridges Hotel Southbank – for an International DJ to use a DJ booth for New Years Eve 2014.
We had to create a hollow light weight egg shape on the side of a staircase that could be used to house a DJ booth for easy install & removal. Once installed the egg had to be rendered to give a true smooth finish to replicate the egg shape, it was then painted also. This was on the roof top terrace of the Rydges Hotel in Southbank, QLD.

G20 World Leaders Summit, Southbank, Queensland.
We were approached to build the base form for the word Brisbane, this was then to be canvas wrapped and had Ply wood applied to both front & rear of the sign so then the Decals could be pasted aon and sealed over with a clear laquer. Project had to last out doors for a period of 3 months.

Movie Props

“Bullets for the Dead” movie shot in Queensland.  The brief  was to create the form for a bell that 6 people could stand inside of and have the bell lowered down over them. Light weight so it could be destroyed/blown up as part of the movie.

Terra Nova – Tele Movie series filmed at Warner Studios Coomera, Queensland

Create a futuristic hub that could be painted dark grey and added to a convoy of ships to add length ^ depth to the shot.


O’Neill Architects in Brisbane used this a design layout for a pitch to a client showing shapes of existing buildings and heights associated there to, so that the client could guage some perspective of street layout.

Polystyrene can be used to create light, but strong fixtures such as skirting

Polystyrene Brisbane Sign - G20 World Leaders Summit, Southbank, Brisbane