How Brisbane Uses Polystryene – from Insulation to Packaging Supplies

Polystyrene has a diverse range of applications in the commercial sector, from construction to insulation to display stands, shop fittings, packaging supplies and more. As with our entire range of well-priced and rigorously tested products, we are more than able to have your custom order ready for delivery within 24 hours. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Polystyrene Products if you have a custom query or require a quote. All of our products are created in accordance with, and comply with current Australian standards.


Polystyrene works brilliantly as ceiling, floor and roof insulation in commercial construction, and helps contribute to energy efficiency. If your business relies on having a steady supply of chilled or cold water, for example in a bar, restaurant or even for the office water cooler, we can provide sectional pipe insulation to ensure this. It can also double as a soundproofing treatment for commercial recording and rehearsal studios.


Shelving, Signage and Displays

Polystyrene’s highly versatile nature means endless possibilities. It is a viable, lightweight and cheaper alternative for shop fittings, display units, and shelving. These can be easily painted and decorated to fit with the aesthetic of your commercial establishment and its individual needs and preferences. All of our architectural mouldings are easy to install, move, rearrange and dismantle. We are more than happy to craft custom orders for whatever your needs are, the sky is the limit!

Packaging Supplies

One of polystyrene’s traditional commercial uses is as a cheap and lightweight type of packaging for fragile items, including electronics and furniture. If an aspect of your business involves regular transportation of goods, then sturdy and reliable packaging is always a sound investment. Polystyrene is also widely used in the hospitality and fast food industries to both carry take-away food and beverages, due to its superior thermal insulation properties.

If you have any questions about how Polystyrene Products can help your business, please contact us.